DY16 / DB5(68) 500 Years of Royal Mail Prestige Stamp Book

About Us

We are all about Prestige Stamp Books with an emphasis on any major errors to the books, panes or the stamps.

The aim of this website is to try and provide a one stop shop for all things relating to Royal Mail Prestige Stamp Books. This includes the books themselves, the stamp panes, the Limited Edition Prestige Stamp Books, the Exhibition Overprints, and most important of all, the errors that can be found in some of the Prestige Stamp Books.

Our Company

I was first introduced to stamp collecting by my Grandad over 40 years ago. I mainly collected commemorative sets of stamps, folded stamp books and Prestige Stamp Books from the Queen Elizabeth reign. While my Grandad collected as many stamps as he could afford, from the Queen Victoria reign.

My Grandad was Eric Arthur Stally and we named our company in his honour.

Please visit our website Eric Arthur Stally for additional information on Prestige Stamp Books.

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