DY40 / DB5(92) DC Collection – Prestige Stamp Book (B0007)


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This sale is for the 2021 DC Collection Prestige Stamp Book

PLEASE NOTE: That the item you will receive is the item shown in the photographs.

  • Stanley Gibbons number: DY40
  • MBPC number: DB5(92)
  • Prestige Stamp Book: DC Collection
  • Condition: Covers, stamp panes, and pages in very good condition
  • Contents: Complete book with all panes still attached within the book
  • Year of issue: 2021
  • Barcode: 5014721154626

The SB, DB and DP numbering system of decimal stamp books are the copyright of the Modern British Philatelic Circle and is used with their kind permission.

For the latest information on all things relating to Prestige Stamp Books, please visit our sister website Eric Arthur Stally Prestige Stamp Book.


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